Full concert sponsorship: $2500*

A great way to advertise your company and show the community that you care is through an EPSYO concert sponsorship.

EPSYO hosts 4-6 concerts per season with 3-4 concerts being available for sponsorship.

*Concerts can also be sponsored in-part, for a minimum of $1000. In-part sponsors receive the first three benefits listed. There is also the opportunity to sponsor the concert reception. The cost to sponsor a reception is $500, with some variation for special events.

Sponsor Benefits

PR/Promo Materials

Highlighted recognition of your name as a concert sponsor in all press releases and promotional materials.

(estimated impressions: 5,000)

Program Book Listing
Listing your name among community sponsors in all EPSYO concert inserts for the 2021-2022 season and all 2021-2022 EPSYO Program Books.
Media Recognition
Recognition of your name on the concert listing on the EPSYO website and on EPSYO Social Media platforms.
Complimentary Tickets

Four complimentary tickets to your sponsored performance with discounts on additional tickets.

Curtain Speech
Your individual name with the wording “sponsored by” will be included on the respective concert title page in the program and opportunity for you to make a curtain speech prior to your sponsored program. (In lieu of a speech, the sponsorship is still recognized by an EPSYO Executive or Conductor)
Sponsor EPSYO
Contact the EPSYO office at (915) 525-8978 or email us for more information.

Our Sponsors

Special Thanks

Thank you to our Founders ($20,000+) and Partners ($10,000 to $19,999).