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EPSYO Tuition Fees 2023

Intermediate YSP $425.00, Upper Intermediate YSE $425.00, Advanced YS $475.00 & Semi-Professional YO $525.00
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Your response should adequately address the need-based assistance you seek, percentages applied for Financial Aid are not guaranteed for the percentage applied for, percentages will be considered on an individual/family income criteria. EPSYO Tuition Cost after subsidy for 2022-2023: YO $525.00, YS $475.00, YSE $425.00 and YSP $425.00

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Financial Aid Application Non-Refundable Fee

The Financial Aid Application Non-refundable Fee is $50.00. All FA applicants must pay this fee after submitting the online FA Application. No FA applications will be processed without payment. The FA fee will be rolled over to your EPSYO tuition balance 2022-2023 as a credit in your account after being processed.

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You must make arrangements to provide us with the first two pages of your most recent tax return in order to complete your financial aid application. You can do this by scanning and emailing to or turn it in person to the EPSYO. Please call our offices at (915) 525-8978 to make these arrangements or to ask any questions you may have. Your application will be incomplete until these documents are received.
Please write additional comments that will help explain your personal situation to the application review committee. Your response should adequately address the need-based assistance you seek. The Financial Assistance Committee seriously considers this portion of your application.

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Please upload your Filed Tax Form 2021 or most recent tax document. Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, png. Max. file size: 264 MB. You may elect to upload your tax document here or arrange it to email it @
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Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, png, Max. file size: 264 MB, Max. files: 2.

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